Our Team

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Hi guys! 


Welcome to Mitcha photography. I’m Niki the owner and photographer here. 


I found myself in love with photography when I was studying Media & Art at university many years ago in Bangkok, Thailand where I’m from. I was studying all kinds of photography processing from scratch with old vintage film cameras and cleaning photos in the dark room by myself until the digital camera hit processing to make it easier for our lives. I never stop learning, photography is like the air that I breathe.


Looking back 13 years ago, I had an opportunity to start my life in Adelaide and to open a small studio behind my mother in law’s store in Hyde Park (Rapsimo Bridal Wear) where I started with portrait and family sessions until I photographed one of my family member’s weddings. To see the love, emotion and connection between the couple through the photos without having to explain with words. This captured my heart so much. From that time, I decided to switch to wedding photography, which I love the most.


What is the style of my wedding photography? 


I love to be able to capture your special moments without you noticing that I’m there. I like to hide behind some trees to get your candid reactions, the emotions of your guests and let you enjoy the ceremony as much as you can. I’m happy to take control if you need and guide you for poses and will make sure that you’re comfortable on front of my camera. I have been to more than 50 wineries, beaches, and places in the hills in Adelaide so if you need my advice I’m here for you. 


My editing style, due to my background in film photography, I have a love of the natural colour process, raw and sweet moment and even unfocused shots. I love colour photos and try to keep the photos as close to natural colour as much as possible. For example, if you spend time creating your wedding colour theme to be pink why should I change that be a different tone? I like to be able to capture the day exactly as you want it to look. I also really like to create grainy, vintage, black & white photos to make it look charmingly like film. I believe my editing style will keep your images lasting forever, the photos will never go out of style or trend.


Like to have chat with me? Please drop me a line and tell me about your story, I’d love to hear from you. 

Best Regards

Niki Christou

Hi there! My name is Emily. I’m a photographer and Niki’s second shooter at Mitcha Photography. I have worked with Mitcha Photography for five years now and am driven by my passion for photography. I am based in Adelaide and love the lush scenery that South Australia provides for wedding locations. 


My job involves making sure that every detail is captured on your special day. From arranging rings and ties to adjusting lighting and veils, I will ensure that everything looks perfect for your photos. I also love capturing candid moments, especially those sweet looks between you and your loved one.


Seeing so many smiles and happy tears on your special day really makes my day. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that the photos that I am taking will be looked back on and treasured, bringing back lovely memories. 


Weddings signify a pivotal moment in two peoples lives and myself and Niki are looking forward to capturing these memories for you. 


Yours Sincerely,


Emily Osborne

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Hi, My name’s Birdy and I’m a photographer’s assistant at

 Mitcha Photography. I have been working for Niki for two years now, assisting her with various tasks at weddings and helping to ensure everything runs smoothly.


I love working with Niki as it is a rewarding and enjoyable job where I am constantly learning new things about photography and meeting new people. I love helping to adjust your dress and bouquet to look perfect in each shot so you receive the most beautiful photos possible of your special day.


I adore weddings and would absolutely love to be able to help capture the magic of yours.

Best Regards

Birdy Whyte


Hi there! My name is Yuwen and I am a photographer and videographer for Mitcha Photography. I have four years’ experience as an event photographer and videographer and working with Mitcha Photography is a rewarding job.


I was born in Taiwan and moved South Australia six years ago. I thoroughly enjoy the SA lifestyle! I thrive on creativity and I have developed an individual flare for wedding cinematography. I love what I do and I am dedicated to capturing weddings with integrity.

My aim is to help each couple feel comfortable, and capture stories as they happen. I believe the moments in-between are just as important as the formal ones.


Congratulations on your engagement, and I am looking forward to capturing your special day!

Kind Regards

Yuwen Lin